Elizabeth Caputo smiles at the camera, next to a grey stone building. She has wavy blonde hair and is wearing a purple scarf.
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Women Get The Job Done.

Elizabeth Gets The Job Done.

✔ Worked in municipal infrastructure finance

✔ Chaired her Manhattan Community Board

✔ Ran a progressive citywide grassroots civic organization

✔ Advises U.S. cities on innovative, forward thinking ideas for tomorrow

As Borough President, Elizabeth Caputo will take a neighborhood by neighborhood approach to making Manhattan safer, cleaner and greener.

Help Manhattan small businesses - From our vibrant restaurants, shops, art groups and nonprofits, Manhattan small businesses need help regaining their economic footing so they can grow. Elizabeth Caputo will work with small business owners to keep what worked - like sidewalk dining - and deliver on rent relief and reimbursement of all COVID-19 compliance costs.


Preserve our green space and protect and enhance bike lanes and pedestrian plazas. Elizabeth knows that quality of life is important to all Manhanntanites. And as people return to the island, we need to make sure all the good things about Manhattan are well and thriving. Elizabeth will work to keep our green spaces healthy and attractive, as well as, protect bike lanes and pedestrian plazas.


Make Manhattan Affordable. Elizabeth believes that between repurposing unused commercial space to create new living hubs in Midtown and a preservation trust for NYCHA, we can create and improve affordable housing and transportation.


A Safer Manhattan. Between violence on our subways to homelessness made worse by the pandemic, Elizabeth knows that our leaders are not focused enough on stopping crime. From women to our Black, Asian and Latino neighbors, Elizabeth will prioritize keeping us safe from violence and harassment.

Do The Little Things Better. From keeping trash off our streets to making sure our public spaces are maintained, Elizabeth understands these small things add up. PLUS they enhance things like tourism and urban living.

Elect More Women. Elizabeth knows the only way to change the culture of NYC politics is to elect more women. She will make sure diverse women have a seat at the table in her 600+ community board appointments, and by keeping schools open and helping working mothers return to the office.

Elizabeth Caputo, masked, rides a busy subway car.

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Elizabeth Caputo stands with Gale Brewer, and residents of the Rangel Houses.