What does the Borough President do?

Elizabeth Caputo addresses a seated audience at a Community Board meeting.

The Manhattan Borough President advocates for those who live and work in Manhattan - the largest city center in the world. She’s your go-to for local and neighborhood issues throughout the borough.


The Borough President's focuses include the improvement of city services - economic development, education, transportation, housing, sanitation, parks, senior services, and other critical neighborhood and borough-wide issues.  


The Manhattan Borough President works closely with all of the borough’s neighborhoods to plan for sustained growth, improvement, and development. She manages Manhattan’s 12 Community Boards – who handle local issues from Battery Park City to Inwood and every point in between.


Finally, the Manhattan Borough President sets local and global priorities for the borough. She sets out a vision for a borough that is home to 1.6 million residents and world renowned parks and universities, the largest business district in the United States, the nation’s busiest transit hub, and a global epicenter of tourism, tech, arts and culture.

OK, but what specifically does the Manhattan Borough President do, that impacts my life?


Land Use and Development

The Borough President helps guide what gets built in Manhattan. She provides recommendations for any proposed changes to zoning and land use through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and appoints a member of the New York City Planning Commission.  City planning and ULURP impact everything from the building where you live, to where and how you get to work, to housing equity and affordability in your daily life.  



The Borough President helps set the NYC educational agenda through the appointment of members on the New York City Panel for Educational Policy, and advises local school districts on policy priorities.


City Expense and Capital Budgets

The Borough President consults with the Mayor each year, in the preparation of the executive expense and capital budgets and submits proposed appropriations and other budget recommendations.  


Leadership and Management

The Borough President appoints and approves 600 members to Manhattan’s 12 community boards, and provides them with planning, policy and technical assistance to help guide important neighborhood decisions. This means she provides vision and solutions at the neighborhood level on everything from safe and equitable transportation (bike lanes and street redesign), to small businesses, to human services, to affordable housing, to jobs and economic growth.


Perhaps most importantly, the Borough President serves as your elected executive leader representing you, who provides a vision for the borough and the City, builds bridges between communities, and will be your day-to-day champion. Elizabeth Caputo